Lashing out on laptops

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I read with sympathy the plight of Scottish Borders Council staff’s IT woes and the need to spend £143,000 on upgrading laptops (Southern, December 5).

I had a similar issue with my laptop last week, as it appeared to have given up on me after five sterling years of service.

On the off-chance, we wiped the memory and old operating system and reloaded with Windows 7. The exercise was a complete success, and at no cost to the business, as we already had some Windows 7 licences unused.

One of my colleagues wasn’t so lucky a month or so ago, and so had to buy a new laptop. He managed to get a top-of-the-range bit of kit for £350 (including VAT).

I quite understand that an upgrade may not be possible in some circumstances, but why is it that SBC feels the need to spend an average of £795 of the taxpayers’ cash on each laptop?

Glad to see council taxpayers’ money is in safe hands.

Chris Highton

Allied Surveyors Scotland

Allan Park Road