Large leaflet from a man of many claims

Last month a very large leaflet appeared through my letter box.

Close examination revealed it to be a list of claims from a Mr Purvis who seemed to be responsible for everything from the Creation to putting a man on the moon.

In it he stated that he had “led campaigns for improvements or has got results on the issues that are important to you”. He seems to have done this in 18 separate districts in his constituency.

He appears to have “supported”, “raised concerns”, “helped secure”, “pressed for” or “made representations” on 47 occasions on various matters of importance.

Now I cannot tell whether he has or has not performed these varied tasks, but as a resident of Galashiels I can comment on one of his claims.

I was personally involved in the campaign for the return of the buses to Edinburgh bus station. The petition which many residents signed was organised by Christine Grahame MSP, the meeting which was called to resolve the situation and was attended by First Bus management, the convener of Edinburgh City Council transport committee and a senior Edinburgh council official was organised and attended by Christine Grahame. That same meeting resolved the impasse and as a result buses were returned to St Andrew’s Square.

Mr Purvis was not involved in this meeting and if the rest of his claims are as tenuous as this one, his leaflet might also be a good bit smaller.

C. McKay

Meigle Street