Labouring under the EU’s financial burden

The government is reported to be taking a strong line against fraudulent claims amounting to £1.8million – but what about the £48million a day membership of the European Union costs the British taxpayer?

The EU, apart from taking our money, initiates more than 70 per cent of the laws put through parliament, some to the detriment of British freedoms which are part of our way of life and enforces open borders with other European countries, thereby allowing immigration by anyone who has entered Britain from a European country – however they got into that country. We are not allowed to limit the number of “European” immigrants.

European rules increase the cost of our food because of the agricultural policy which is designed to benefit French farmers. European regulations have ruined our fishing industry by encouraging overfishing in our traditional fishing waters by allowing and encouraging Spanish fishing fleets, among others, to overfish these waters.

The British Government should start doing the work it was elected to do – govern the country. To do so it needs to end our membership of the European Union with its failing monetary system, which we have had to support to help Greece and the Republic of Ireland when they collapsed. Spain is next on the list with Portugal.

We could help more if we controlled our own money and did not waste £48million a day.

R. Alder

Harbour Place