Kyloe pair open up in Lauder

Lauder is home to the Borders’ newest eatery, thanks to the ex-head chef and pastry chef at Edinburgh’s first gourmet steak restaurant, Kyloe.

David Haetzman and Amanda Jordan will launch Firebrick Brasserie on Tuesday.

The couple came up with the idea for the ‘Firebrick’ name after seeing the old pizza ovens already on site in the former Italian restaurant.

Mr Haetzman says his simple yet inventive dishes aim for high quality at affordable prices, and will be changed each month to make the most of the excellent seasonal Scottish and British produce available.

“We have always dreamed of opening our own place, so refurbishing the restaurant has been a labour of love for the whole family,” Mr Haetzman told us this week. “We aim to establish Firebrick for the local community as well as an affordable foodie destination in the Borders.”