Knife shown in Hawick robbery

shop staff were threatened with a knife in raids in Hawick on Tuesday.

A woman with her face hidden behind a scarf threatened to stab the man serving at the Little Shop on Weensland Road early on Tuesday morning before stealing cash, cigarettes and alcohol.

Later that night a woman brandished a knife at the young woman working in the Londis store at the Sandbed before making off with cash, alcohol and cigarettes.

In the first theft, just after 5am, the female was described as in her mid-20s, 5ft 5ins tall with dark coloured hair tied back. She was wearing a khaki-coloured coat with a fur trim hood, black hat with chin ties and had covered her face with a white scarf.

After the robbery, police said she headed towards Trinity Steps with a man said to be in his 20s, 5ft 7ins tall, wearing dark clothing, who had been standing outside the shop.

The second robbery took place after 9.30pm when the woman was described as in her early-30s with visible tattoos on her chest – and wearing a green coat with a fur hood.

Police are linking the two robberies and are appealing for information.

A police spokesperson said in both cases it was small quantities of cash and goods that were taken.

The spokesman commented: “We are actively pursuing a positive line of enquiry.”