Kitten study

Kitten owners in the UK are helping with the Bristol Cats study being run by the University of Bristol, but even more kittens are needed to take part in the first study of its kind that will help improve the health and welfare of cats. The researchers wish to recruit a further 700 kitten owners who own a kitten aged between eight and 16 weeks by the end of December.

Bristol Cats, led by academics at the university’s School of Veterinary Sciences, is being carried out because little is known about the causes of common behaviour patterns and diseases of cats, such as obesity, diet, lifestyle, aggression towards people, spraying and lower urinary tract problems.

Details about the study, including access to online questionnaires and results, are available at If you are interested in helping with the study, please call 07827 981412 or email

Dr Jane Murray and Emma Gale

University of Bristol