Kelso roundabout signs have locals scratching heads

DRIVERS and pedestrians in the Maxwellheugh area of Kelso could be forgiven for being slightly confused this week after workmen erected two new signs, writes Mark Entwistle.

The signs were erected by a contractor working on behalf of the Sainsbury supermarket chain, which has a store nearby – although the signs’ locations were pre-agreed with Scottish Borders Council.

The signs are to warn drivers of a mini-roundabout, but one pole used is so big the top of the sign is obscured from view by the leaves of an overhanging tree, while another seems to have been placed directly behind an existing sign.

The mini-roundabout was required as part of the store development and has been in place for some time now, but the required signage has only recently been installed.

According to roads experts at the local authority, the locations were always accepted as not being straight forward when it came to erecting signs.

The sign stuck in the foliage of the tree is at a location where there is no footway and very little verge.

However, the householder in whose garden the tree is growing is apparently aware it will have to be trimmed back and once the remaining lighting element is installed, it will be determined just how much foliage needs cut away.

As regards the sign which is behind another, that too is being looked at.

Asked about the signs, a council spokesperson, who said the local authority was not aware of any specific complaints, said: “We are aware of the issue and are working to get it resolved as soon as possible.”

Local Scottish Borders councillor Tom Weatherston (Con) told us: “They are looking at possibly moving the sign opposite the garage, because where it is just now, it looks to some people approaching it like there are three posts in a line and this has resulted in some people with prams going out into the road to get past.”