Kelso potholes

As a resident of Kelso, I feel compelled to write regarding the state of the town-centre roads.

While I realise that the cobbled roads of Kelso were laid back in the days of horse and cart, I can’t help feeling they would have been in better condition way back then. Almost every inch of our town-centre roads are full of large sunken areas that amount to nothing less than huge potholes. Roxburgh Street is so bad that it is becoming almost unusable to the point where the whole street is a danger to drive up and either needs the cobbles lifted and relaid, or replaced with a tar surface.

Many of these sunken areas are down to the council not properly reconsolidating the substrate before relaying the cobbles as the sunken areas clearly follow the line of a previous dig.

It is almost incomprehensible that the town can have money spent on its regeneration, yet retain roads that are in worse condition than your average farm track.

Perhaps as well as spending upwards of £40,000 on a single giant cobble to display in The Square, the council should first have fixed the many thousands that make up the roads in the town centre.

Ged Hogg