Kelso pavements

LORRIES mounting pavements came in for criticism at Kelso’s community council last week.

Cracked slabs in the town’s Roxburgh and Bridge Streets numbered nearly 500 reported councillor Dean Weatherston.

Scottish Borders Councillor Tom Weatherston said: “As long as lorries climb the pavements we will always have broken slabs.”

Cars parking in loading bays were blamed in part for forcing delivery trucks to drive onto pavements.

But the narrowness of Roxburgh St and angle lorries were forced to try to take while passing along the old cobbled road also contributed to the problem, councillors heard.

Councillor John Bassett believed there are slabs from previous work set aside for repair work.

Provost Fiona Scott asked members of the traffic management and Townscape Heritage Initiative stakeholders group to bring the issue up at their next meeting.