Kelso park puts the skates on with new equipment

Ali Hay designer of new ramps at Kelso skate park.
Ali Hay designer of new ramps at Kelso skate park.

New skateboard equipment was installed in Shedden Park, Kelso, earlier this month – much to the delight of local young people.

The latest additions, costing £3,000 from several funders, are a flat bank to stair set and a manual concrete pad.

Kelso skater Ali Hay was the force behind setting up the current park three years ago, designing and finding funding for the evolving facility, which is used by more than 100 enthusiasts.

The 25-year-old was inspired to action when in New Zealand, where every town seemed to have a skatepark.

He said: “I was so tired of us having such poor facilities, so, from New Zealand, I started contacting the council and others.

“Before it was terrible: there was no flow, very few actual pieces of equipment and no design plan.

“We now have a smooth bitmac surface with a six-foot quarter pipe, mini ramp with quarter out, flat bank, rail, grind curb, fun-box with rail, grind ledge and the new flatbank/stairset and manual pad.

“The park is about two thirds complete and has gone from a handful of users to now well over 100 frequent users and around 250 members. It also attracts quite a few frequent users from other towns: it’s been a great addition to Kelso, keeping loads of people fit and healthy, and breaking down social barriers between the young and the elderly in the home next to the park. It’s been so good to watch it flourish.

He continued: “The next phase is vital: concrete flow pieces that will complete the park and take it from a decent facility to an excellent facility.”