Kelso must be barking – show set to attract 6,000 dogs

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A RECORD entry of toy dogs is expected at Kelso dog show later this month.

This year’s two-day event will bring about 6,000 dogs from Britain, Ireland, plus some from Europe, to Springwood Park on Saturday June 18.

The show’s Marjory Macgregor said: “The show promises to be an interesting and entertaining weekend for all.”

Some 870 or so toy dogs, 100 poodles, 200 golden retrievers and representatives of almost every breed you can think of, will be competing over two days for the chance to win the top award of Best in Show.

Mrs Macgregor added: “Borders breeds are well represented too – 115 Border collies will be competing on Sunday, and over 100 Border terriers are being judged on Saturday.

“There is also a chance to see some of the rarest breeds in the country in the rare breed classes, including Canadian Eskimo dogs on Sunday and Spanish water dogs on Saturday.”

The Border Union Championship Dog Show is one of only three general championship shows in Scotland, which means that a win in certain classes also gives the top animal a chance to compete at Crufts next year.

More than 100 different breeds of dog will be competing, starting at 9am on the Saturday with dogs representing the hound, terrier and gundog groups.

Judging of the working, pastoral, utility and toy groups takes place on the Sunday, with the grand finale of Best in Show being at about 5pm.

Mrs Macgregor said: “The show is tremendously popular with all exhibitors, many of whom make the trip to Kelso with their caravans, to enjoy a holiday week in the town.

“In addition to the competitions, visitors will have the chance to browse round more than 50 trade stands with a wide range of dog foods, dog books, dog coats, dog-grooming products, as well as special dog baths and even herbal remedies for dogs.”

Under Kennel Club rules, only dogs pre-entered at the show can be admitted.