Kelso man ordered to pay £200 compensation to dad for damage to car

Selkirk Sheriff Court.
Selkirk Sheriff Court.

A 23-year-old man convicted of struggling violently with his mother and then breaking the windows of his father’s car has been ordered to pay £200 compensation.

Gareth Murray pleaded guilty to that offence, committed at a house in High Street, Earlston, on the evening of April 1.

Depute fiscal Tessa Bradley said the incident started at around 9.30pm.

She told Selkirk Sheriff Court: “There was an altercation between the accused and his mother.

“She believed he was in possession of cannabis in a container and tried to get him to hand it over, and they were both pulling at it.

“The father returned home, and the accused did leave but came back again, but the door was locked.

“His parents ignored him, and they watched from the window as they saw him strike the father’s car several times.

“He hit the side windows, which broke them.

“He was also shouting and swearing, and it was at that point that the father phoned the police.”

Murray was arrested and taken to Hawick police station, where he admitted he had had punched the car three times, denting its bonnet and cracking its windscreen.

Ms Bradley said: “The accused’s parents seem to be at their wits’ end with his behaviour.”

Sheriff Andrew Webster noted that this was a first offence for Murray, of Rennie Court, Kelso, and ordered him to pay £200 compensation to his father for the damage to the car.