Kelso community council seeks more youth involvment

Kelso High School is to get an invitation from the town’s community council for one or two senior pupils to attend its monthly meetings.

The suggestion came from Provost John Bassett at last week’s meeting of the council.

“It would be good to get some youth into our meetings and we should look at inviting an S5 or S6 pupil to attend,” he explained. “I was thinking about co-opting one of them onto this council for two years as a lot of young people find it hard to get into things like the council or feel their input would not be wanted.”

But local Scottish Borders councillor Tom Weatherston said, legally, such a move may have to be opened up to any 16-year-olds and not just those at school.The council agreed, therefore, in the first instance, to invite one or two senior pupils simply to attend meetings.