Kelso Am Dram group promise non-stop hilarity

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Kelso Amateur Dramatics’ annual production this week is Post Horn Gallop, a hilarious farce by master of the art Derek Benfield.

It is set in Elrood Castle, the ancestral home of Lord and Lady Elrood (played by David Sloan and Susan Stewart). The action opens on the day that the castle is to open to the public for the first time.

Despite the need to allow the public access, eccentric, war-crazy Lord Elrood lurks on the battlements with his shotgun ready to repel attacks by the grocer’s boy, the postman and any other imagined enemy.

Patricia, the Elrood’s daughter (Lizzie Riding) arrives with her hapless husband Chester Dreadnought (Neil Woodcock) hoping for a quiet weekend, little suspecting that Chester’s two old, villainous enemies, Capone and Wedgewood, (Patrick Griffin and Bill Hunter) are hot on his trail. As well as wanting to get their own back on Chester for landing them in jail, they also have their eye on a valuable painting above the fireplace.

Through the ancestral living-room wander Maggie and Bert (Irene Chisholm and Alastair Turnbull), who are suitably awestruck by the goings-on of the country house set. Add a secret panel, a love-sick maid (Zoe Keddie) an eccentric guide (Gail Gibson), and a scoutmaster (Tom Tinlin) and you have a non-stop, hilariously funny play. It is directed again by John Weierter, who hopes to continue the comic success of last year’s production, Cambusdonald Royal.

Formed in 1921, the Kelso Amateur Dramatic Society normally performs one three-act play during the month of November. They also take part in the annual Scottish Community Drama Association festival for one act plays in February, and perform regularly for charity. New members are always welcome both acting and non-acting. Rehearsals are usually held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

The first performance starts at 7.30pm in Kelso’s Tait Hall tonight (November 14), and runs at the same time tomorrow and Saturday.

Tickets £8/£6, on sale at Hector Innes in Kelso Square, or from cast members, or at the door.