Keith delights in new post

Keith Miller, Selkirk Common Riding Trust's new honorary provost.
Keith Miller, Selkirk Common Riding Trust's new honorary provost.

Selkirk has a new provost for this year’s common riding – former senior baillie Keith Miller.

The 69-year-old began his three-year stint as provost this week, and he said he was looking forward to it immensely.

He told the Wee Paper: “Like any Souter, I just can’t wait till the common riding, and now it’s got special significance.

“I’m also looking forward to visiting the other towns for their festivals, but Selkirk will always be the one.”

Keith’s wife Elspeth, 66, is also a huge follower of the common riding – her father Jack McDonald was royal burgh standard bearer in 1947 – and Keith said she was very excited about bussing the burgh flag.

Keith and Elspeth are both Selkirk born and bred, and both attended Knowepark Primary School and Selkirk High.

He was weavers’ standard bearer in 1997 and was deacon of the association from 1999 to 2005, as well as being a member of the Selkirk Common Riding Trust since 2011.

Keith is now retired, but in his working life he was a designer at Heather Mills before going on to manage Galashiels’ post office counter.

He takes over the reins from Jake Wheelans, whose three-year stint is now over.

Jake told us: “It’s been a fantastic three years, and it has been a great privilege and a great honour to serve the people of Selkirk.

“The highlights, of course, have been installing three great standard bearers and overseeing three massively successful common ridings.”

He warned Keith: “There is a lot of work to be done behind the scenes, but if you have as much excellent support as I have had over my tenure, it will be as filled with joy as mine was.”

Last year’s junior baillie James Heatlie takes over as senior baillie, while the hammermen’s Rodney Pow is the new junior baillie for the next three years.

Johnnie Thomson remains as clerk of the common riding trust.