Keeping track of pedal power

Why do cyclists, who have special tracks built for them, prefer to risk their lives or hold up traffic by riding on the roads?

Driving from Galashiels to Selkirk on Sunday morning, I came around a bend to see the backside of a lycra-clad cyclist doing about 15mph when there was a good cycle track to the side, built from taxpayers’ money. This was quite alarming and dangerous.

I think cyclists should be fined for not using them and the money put towards the cost of extending them.

On my way to Peebles I had to pass a group of cyclists riding four abreast with no regard for traffic behind them. Probably there was no track for them, but if there was it would certainly not have been as wide as the road.

Are there no rules for them? They were taking up the same space as a family car which, if it was travelling at that speed, would need a police escort or some warning to road users.

Horse riders are only on the road out of necessity – to get off-road – and would appreciate a track so that they can stay off the road. These tracks would not need to be as long or maintained as hoofs do not need a smooth surface.

Alison McRobbie