Keeping cruelty under wraps

Some medical research charities that conduct appallingly-cruel animal experiments are receiving millions of pounds every year in donations from the public.

This is despite the fact that a new NOP opinion poll shows that 82 per cent of people would not knowingly give to a medical research or health charity that funds animal research.

How can this be? The only answer is that the public are being kept in the dark about the nature of the research these charities are funding.

Animal Aid’s recent campaign, at the heart of which is a scientific report, Victims of Charity, reveals that charity-funded researchers have deliberately damaged monkeys’ brains with toxic chemicals, slowly and systematically destroyed the hearts of dogs, and injected mice with cancerous tissue.

The report’s authors conclude that laboratory experiments on animals produce information that cannot be reliably applied to human medicine – and can even be dangerously misleading.

Animal Aid is urging people to boycott all charities that conduct or fund cruel and unreliable animal research. Readers can contact Animal Aid for a free list of charities and their research policies at or on 01732 364546.

Andrew Tyler

Animal Aid