Just say No to turbines

I have no doubt that the Selkirk Regeneration Company (SRC) is genuine in its intention to bring about improvements for the Selkirk Community.

But to gain consensus for this worthy cause, it would be wise to tread with care and sensitivity, and avoid highly contentious subjects that split the community.

Since its conception in 2007, the wind turbine project has been stuck in the “highly contentious“ category. In the 2007 show-of-hands, and again with the 2009 poll, we have seen clear evidence that Selkirk is deeply divided on wind energy.

The 2007 vote saw a 45‑29 split in favour of a further investigation. A majority of just 16 souls.

The 2009 poll asked the voters of Selkirk if they were in favour of “seeking to develop a wind farm”. 328 were in favour and 263 against. Just 605 (9.9 per cent) eligible voters responded. This is not the same as the 56 per cent approval claimed by others.

Despite this, the SRC managed to obtain funding for a postal vote for all households in the TD7 area. There is a clear implication in the ballot paper that the decision on wind turbines is a done deal, and that we are simply being asked to decide on the site.

This is not so. If we don’t want these turbines then we need to say No.

How do we do this? Simple. Just cross out the Yes for all three options and send in the voting form.

If you’ve thrown out your voting form you should apply for another through Smithy House Associates on 01750 505273.

Remember: don’t miss your one chance to vote No. Unreturned voting forms count for nothing, and support the Yes campaign.

Remember: a Yes majority could lead to wind turbines spoiling Selkirk’s natural beauty for the next 25 years – or, for many of us, the rest of our lives.

So take the next step to prevent alien wind turbines despoiling our stunning landscape by returning your voting form with No No No!

Peter Field