Jubilee justified?

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Question of the month: What does the royal family and the monarchy mean to you?

Lynsey: The Royal Family makes me proud to be British because they have done great things for our country and people need to respect them more.

Finlay: It makes me proud to be part of this nation. They do all that they can to protect us and make our nation strong. I think they deserve more respect.

Liam Brydon: It means a lot to me. It has been here for centuries and it is a tradition we need to keep.

Alexander: I think the diamond jubilee went well, most people like them. I like the royal family.

Sarah R: I think the Diamond Jubilee was very big and the queen should come back to the Scottish Borders.

Adele Davison: I respect them but I don’t really think our society needs them anymore.

Billy: It doesn’t mean anything to me.

Stewart: I am not bothered as they do not concern me that much.

Brad: I think the royal family need to interact more with the nation.

Jack Skeet: I don’t really pay attention to the royal family and don’t know what they do. We should have a royal family, though, and I like Harry, he’s more outgoing and normal than the others.

Jamie Bowie: We should have a royal family, the Queen has been good and has been on the throne for a long time, so that should be recognised, but I don’t think they should get so much publicity. I don’t really understand what they do and although I watched some of the Jubilee concert, it was for the music.

Arlene McNaughton: I’m not in favour of the royal family, and think we could save some money if we did without them, but Kate, William and Harry bring the royal family into the 21st century.

Craig Hall: I watched the Jubilee concert for the music only, I don’t think we need a royal family.

Scott Wright: The royal family are a very rich family who I feel aren’t particularly generous to their country. In history, perhaps it was important to have royals but now not so much.

Shanna Johnston: I think Harry’s fit – I think he’s more normal than the others too. I didn’t watch the Jubilee celebrations.

Becca Barber: I don’t know why we have a royal family, all they do is go out and get photographed.

Linda Welsh: I think the royal family are good for the country. I watched and enjoyed the royal wedding and the all the jubilee celebrations.

Compiled by Steven Rattray and Jamie Bowie

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