Joyce in pop-up shop bid to raise cash for Nepal

Charity fundraiser Joyce Wright is about to raise much-needed cash for an orphanage in Nepal that was badly hit by the first earthquake.

She has taken the Tower Street pop-up shop for her fundraiser on Saturday, May 23.

The OCCED Naxai children’s home is in Kathmandu and was established by businessmen as an educational centre, and houses more than 40 children from a year to 16.

The building is too dangerous to enter as there are fears it could collapse, and the children and volunteers are living in a gazebo.

OCCED was already raising money for a move to a better building when the earthquake struck.

Joyce told us: “They still need £15,000 to get the buuilding that has been identified, but even when they raise the full sum they will not have access for a few months, so will need to raise enough to be able to rent something in the meantime.

“They really need a roof over their heads, which is why donations are urgently required.”

z Also on May 23, the Camera Club has a sale of its works in the clubrooms (10am-1pm) for Nepal.