John Paton Day Scottish Liberal Democrats

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Since the declaration of the by-election it has been a whirlwind few weeks for me and my family. So many friends, neighbours and local residents have been in touch to wish me well and offer me their support. Becoming a councillor for the area that I love and have lived in for over 25 years is a big responsibility which I take very seriously.

I have been a councillor before and have the experience of how the council works and have built a good working relationship with council officers. During my time as a councillor, I worked hard to improve employment opportunities for young people, helped to deliver new affordable homes and did my best to protect social services. If elected, I will be a full time councillor.

The Lib Dem team on the council has fulfilled many of our manifesto policies, such as providing an extra £2m for road repairs, a new all weather pitch for each school catchment area and a £300,000 loan scheme to help local businesses. We’re giving local people a stronger voice in how the council and schools are run.

I believe in the strength and commitment of our community groups. I have been involved in a number of projects from planting fruit trees, footpath building to bike and skate parks and never cease to be amazed at the dedication of all that take part. I want to see that dedication grow so that communities take more control. This ward needs a strong local Lib Dem councillor to make sure we get the best deal; the only way that can happen is if you lend me your first preference vote.