John excited about new role

Mayor of Kelso, John Bassett.
Mayor of Kelso, John Bassett.

While excitement builds for this year’s Kelso Laddie, Calum Thomson, spare a thought for the town’s relatively new provost, John Bassett.

John took over from Fiona Scott earlier this year after Mrs Scott stepped down after four years in the post.

Mr Bassett says he considers it a great honour and privilege to be able to play such a prominent role in the town’s annual Civic Week, which commences on Saturday.

“For me, I will probably feel the same level of excitment as Calum, our Kelso Laddie, as this is my first time as provost during Civic Week.

“To be provost during such an important time in the town’s year is pretty special and I’m really looking forward to it.

“I’m just hoping we can enjoy some of the fantastic weather the other Borders common ridings and festivals have already enjoyed so far this summer.”

Asked if there was any part of the Civic Week celebrations he was particularly looking forward to, Mr Bassett singled out the handing over of the town’s colours.

“That is a real privilege to be able to do that. As provost I am also president of the Kelso Laddies Association and it means I will be attending 29 different functions during the Civic Week celebrations.

“Luckily, Jean, my wife, is very understanding about the fact she isn’t going to see much of me for a week!”