Job search can be hard work

Job search getting you down? Maybe you’re thinking of taking up a weekend job or are leaving education and would like full-time employment.

If so, here are some tips which may help you get that one step closer to the job of your dreams.

1. Take time, write down your goals and the kind of jobs you would like to do (remember to think small and work your way up the employment ladder to the job you really want).

2. Make an appointment with your local careers advisor and discuss with them your goals and they could help you work out your next steps to getting ready for the career you want.

3. Gather together your most recent qualifications and make a start on your CV. Consult the careers advisor if you are in need of any help with this.

4. Look in shop windows for any vacancy notices whilst also checking local newspapers and various job search engines online. You could also go into the job centre, you don’t need to sign on if you are still in education but they can help.

5. Practice iob applications and cover letters until you are ready for the real thing – keep your writing neat and easy to read, use a blue or a black pen, then, when feeling confident enough, send it off and if you feel it will back up your application, send in your CV.

6. The next step is waiting to hear from the employer, give them a month and if you hear nothing, call them up and enquire – remember to stay polite on the phone and if you are succesful they will send you an invite to an interview day.

7. If you get an interview remember these three key things when preparing:

z Research the company, find out facts which may help you when telling them why you are suitable to work with them.

z Prepare questions you want to ask them and prepare yourself for the sort of questions you think they are likely to ask.

z Dress smartly, no jeans – and girls; be careful of how much make up you wear, don’t wear too much, have pride in your appearance but not too much pride.

Just remember to be yourself and stay calm, don’t show your nerves, act confident even when you’re not. Good luck in your job hunting and if you are succesful, let one of the reporters or myself know and we will highlight your achievement in a future edition of the Youth Pages.