Jed's doonies get the upper hand

In the timeless war between the uppies and the doonies of Jedburgh, it was the latter who chalked up another victory last Thursday.

Thursday, 1st March 2018, 10:35 am
Updated Thursday, 1st March 2018, 10:37 am
Billy Laidlaw, father of Scotland rugby star Greig, launches one of the boys' ba's

However, despite being heavily under-manned and the fact that their route to goal is – as is hinted at in their name – an uphill challenge, the uppies managed to score eight ba’s, six behind the doonies’ 14.

There were concerns raised over the safety of players this year.

With road closures elsewhere, there was increased traffic through the town, and at one point, a few of the men slammed into the side of a passing vehicle, an incident that could have been much worse.

Results collator Len Wyse told us: “All players and motorists are expected to respect any safety issues.

“Also, players cannot flout laws, so they would be held responsible for any damage they cause to traffic, property, public and other players.

“What made things bad this year was the amount of traffic going up and down Castlegate due to fact that A698 was closed at Knowesouth.”

Safety concerns aside, the event was as much of a spectacle as ever.

Len told us: “It was a great day and another great turnout for boys’ and men’s ba’.

“There was some good clean and swift flowing ba’ It was, no doubt, a treat to play in and watch.

“A good number of ba’s were donated from folk celebrating anniversaries, birth and memorials to those no longer with us.

“From what I saw today, the ba’ has a good future.

“The only thing is maybe the school should only give the doonies a half-day holiday just to give us uppies a better chance.”

Ba’ historian Billy Gillies said: “This is the tightest boys’ ba’ I’ve ever seen.

“They normally like to throw it around a lot and keep it moving, but for some reason this year, they are going to ground like the men.”

He also betrayed a little bit of favouritism towards the uppies.

He said: “I always like to see the ba’ going uphill.

“It’s not so much a bias, more that I have a slight dislike of the doonies.

“It’s inbred.”


Boys’ ba’

Ba’ Sponsor Hailed by Up/doon

Schule ba’ Len Wyse Josh Laing Doon

Community council Jed CC Aiden Stewart Up

Golden wedding Jimmy and Carol Harkin Aidan Bambrick Doon

John and Steve Frater John Frater Greg Middlemiss Up

Jed Eye Jed Eye Ross Nichol Doon

LS Starrett LS Starrett Lewis Cockburn Doon

Alan Robert Potterfield Jannette Potterfield Jai Fender Doon

Andrew Stewart memorial Coffee Corner Robbie Anderson Doon

Lloyd Gillies and Neve Leroy Billy Gillies Unknown Up

Men’s ba’

Ba’ Sponsor Hailed by Up/Down

Callants’ club Cal Club Stephen Smith Doon

Golden wedding Carol & Jimmy Harkin Calum Liddle Up

Diamond wedding Ian & Olive Whillans Barrie Melrose Doon

Golden wedding Graham and Ann Dolan Nathan Gillie Doon

Diamond wedding Davie and Doreen Rose Declan Wallace Doon

Ruby Laing ARobin Laing Jim Purdie Up

Martin Wylie memorial Ba’ Christine Wylie Ross Heard Doon

Tavern Craig Goodfellow Doon

Beltars Eric Wright Up

Legion John Johnston Up

Carters Rest John Messner Up

Golden wedding Roy and Liz Spowart Chris Gillon Doon

Harry Wright memorial Wright family Nathan Gillie Doon