Jedburgh skateboard park lacks support

From a report in TheSouthern about a skateboard facility in The Dip at Jedburgh, it would appear townsfolk are in favour of it.

This is not the case. At a virtually unadvertised meeting, the only people attending were pro-skateboarders. The vast majority of Jedburgh residents were unaware of the meeting and had no way to voice their opinions.

During a couple of days recently I spoke to more than 30 locals and, apart from one lady, they were all very much opposed to the idea. There were many reasons for this, including the noise factor.

A few years ago a youth club was built in Lothian Park, but was closed because of outside under-age drinking. The Dip being more or less out of sight would be in the same situation.

The Dip is on top of the old acid house of the rayon factory and the soil will be contaminated. It would also be an eyesore in a green area.

There is no reason not to have the skateboard park, but the location is wrong.

Tom B. Dobson

Balfour Court