Jed valley in £40M plans

Secrecy surrounds a meeting being held tonight near Jedburgh, when plans will be revealed for a multi-million-pound drinks industry project.

The Southern understands that dozens of invitations have been sent out to local stakeholders and those living near the former Jedforest Hotel, just off the A68 south of Jedburgh.

The meeting is being held at nearby Glendouglas Hall and all those invited, while not privy to what will be discussed, have still been sworn to secrecy.

However, The Southern believes those attending will be shown plans for a major project, representing an investment of possibly as much as £40million, and centred on the Jedforest Hotel site. A consortium involving elements of the Scottish drinks industry is thought to be behind the project which, if successful, could create a significant number of jobs.

None of the Scottish Borders councillors due to attend are allowed to shed any light on the nature of the meeting, and even SBC leader David Parker’s hands are tied over what he can say.

One of those invited is Jedburgh Community Council chairman Richard Gordon.

Informed of the possibility of a multi-million-pound development just a few miles from Jedburgh, Mr Gordon said, if true, would be wonderful news.

“I don’t know anything about what will be discussed,” he told The Southern.

“There’s often people with great ideas for major schemes that never come to anything.

“But if there is such a project, and it does come to fruition, then it would be fantastic news – not just for Jedburgh, but for the whole of the Borders.”

His views were echoed by Borders MP Michael Moore, who said he was aware of the Glendouglas meeting.

“This is clearly intriguing and potentially very exciting,” he said. “Anyone wishing to invest that kind of money in our area would, hopefully, be good news, bringing with it jobs, as well as investment.”