Jed skateboard park proposal

I’m writing concerning the article in The Southern (November 14) about objections being faked regarding the area in Jedburgh known as “The Dip”being used as the site for a skateboard park.

It was not an accurate account of why the planning application was withdrawn by Scottish Borders Council.

The skateboard park proposal has been ongoing for over two years, so it is not surprising that a few of the 86 objectors, especially holidaymakers and visitors, can’t remember signing objection forms as far back as 2011.

We have contacted Katherine Campbell in Australia who was highlighted in the article and she and her husband now remember the objection forms concerning the skateboard park, as do other objectors after jogging their memories.

The plan did not show the exact location of “The Dip” opposite the abbey and on conservation land. “The Dip” is much closer to the A68 and the Jed Water, as shown on an accurate map submitted by objectors.

We want the children of Jedburgh to have a skateboard park, but “The Dip” is the wrong location. There are half a dozen bigger, less-dangerous locations for this development which could incorporate other outdoor sports.

“The Dip” is used regularly by nursery children, dog walkers, keep-fit groups, joggers, etc. To take away a facility from one group and give it to another just causes resentment.

W. Kerr

(Save The Dip Support Group)

Oxnam Road