It’s the toughest cut for rector’s wife Kate

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Nine-year-old Melrose Primary School pupil Gavin Blackledge came up with a cutting plan for raising money for Syrian refugees.

And while it is surprising enough that one so young has the empathy and worldly awareness for such a charitable idea, the fact that his mother Kate agreed to it is simply hair-raising.

Gavin’s dad Philip, rector of Holy Trinity Church in Melrose, explained: “Gavin and Kate were seeking ways of raising money for the Refugees from Syria, when Gavin decided to try out his hairdressing skills on his mother.

“It started off as a joke, but Kate was really keen to raise money for the refugees, and when Gavin suggested cutting her hair, she was very sporting about it.

“We had hoped to raise a couple of hundred pounds, but so far the total stands at well over £800.

“She said the more we raised, the shorter we would cut it.”

There were some shaky fingers holding the scissors as the job began, with Philip lending a helping hand.

Philip admitted: “Gavin and I were far more nervous than she was.

“In the end, we cut it quite short, and dyed it purple just for good measure.

“Gavin and I were quite proud of our work, but far more proud of Kate for her courage, and very proud of our church for the amount we raised for such an important cause.

“My own hair is getting quite sparse these days, so it is nice to have a short period of time when I have more hair than my wife.”

If you want to contribute to Kate’s fundraising – and perhaps force an even shorter cut – you can find her on the just Giving website, by searching katehaircut