It’s good to talk about the referendum

Today – only two months and 24 hours before D-Day on Scotland’s future – The Southern moves up a gear in its coverage of the referendum debate.

We begin with two heavy hitters from each side of the argument. In the Union corner, Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael puts the case for staying together, while Yes Scotland head honcho Blair Jenkins fights for the independence cause.

But it won’t just be those who regularly feature on the national media stage who we seek contributions from, movers and shakers from our region will also get a platform to put forward personal views on one of the biggest decisions Scots will ever have to take.

Whichever way the vote on September 18 goes, the ramifications will be felt for generations to come – and that’s why it’s good, and important, for all of us to talk. At least on this subject anyway.

Whether it’s in the workplace, at home or in the pub, each one of us is entitled to his or her opinion – but we must also be prepared to listen to opposing views.

Many will no doubt be fed up with the seemingly-endless debate Scotland’s constitutional future has generated over the past few years – our letters pages are guilty of aiding and abetting in this – but such is the magnitude of the choice we will soon be asked to make that putting up with it for a wee bit longer is a very small price to pay.