It’s cheaper to go by road

On a recent holiday in Switzerland, two of us wanted to go from Zermatt to Martini – a journey of approximately 95 kilometres.

But with a return total cost of SF249, we decided not to go by train as it was ridiculously expensive.

We went to a local car rental garage to try an alternative. The average-size four-seater cost SF80 per day with a kilometre charge over 250 kilometres. The fuel cost us SF28. That was a total cost of SF108 for a garage-to-door service at a time I could choose, with the comfort of a radio and air conditioning.

So there you have it – train SF249, car SF108. Which one would you use?

Ninety per cent of Borderers will use their car and not the Edinburgh-Tweedbank rail link. And there is already a good bus service. What we need is safer, fit-for-purpose roads, as they have in other areas of Scotland.

Will the subsidised Edinburgh-Tweedbank line be another drain on the public purse? Yes, of course it will, and never to show a profit – ever.

As I am over 60 the bus is the one for me. When are we to get a regular bus service in the Blainslie area and fit-for-purpose trunk roads north/south and east/west? I’m told never.

Come on planners and politicians, serve your public for a change.

Tom Douglas