It’s business as usual

So, the council elections are over for another five years and the Scottish Borders Council votes seem to have bucked the national trend this time round.

Whereas the Liberal Democrats and Tories have taken a well-deserved hammering for the policies that have been so detrimental to all other areas in the UK, we are so lucky in the Borders not to be affected by them, or so it would seem.

This time round there appeared to be hardly any voters in the Borders who will suffer as a result of the increases in tax burdens, from the “granny tax” to the fuel tax. Nobody will suffer as a result of the change to working tax credits, as all Borderers work more than 24 hours a week. Aye, right.

So we can look forward to another five years of investments in dubious foreign bank deals that lose us more than £1million and claim this as some sort of victory. Another five years of the worst kind of workplace bullying that costs us, the council tax payers, by covering sick pay for those who are victims. Another five years of missed opportunities in handing out voluntary redundancies and then putting more pressure on those that are left to deliver a worse service.

Or is it possible that this new batch of elected officials will be able to look outside the box and will be the bringers of real change in the future? I somehow doubt that as they are virtually the same bunch that were there prior to the polls opening on May 3.

If my letter seems a wee bit negative it is because it appears to be business as usual for the foreseeable future and business has not exactly been fruitful.

Rab Stewart

Roberts Avenue