It’s all gone quiet on the independence front

First Minister Alex Salmond seems to be very quiet on independence these days – although not so long ago that was the main aim of his party.

Is he at last accepting that he cannot substantiate his claims?

He used to state that on “freedom” from Westminster, Scotland would automatically be a member of the European Union of the regions and cities.

He claimed that both Emile Noel and Lord Mackenzie Stuart supported his view, but unfortunately both are dead so what they said cannot be confirmed.

On the other hand the European commissioner for enlargement, Commissioner Rehn, has stated clearly that there is no procedure in place to deal with a region of a member state becoming a full member state in its own right. This has been confirmed by the European directorate of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

It is possible, although remotely so, that Scotland could obtain full membership – but only after lengthy negotiations, not automatically as Alex Salmond claims.

The puzzle is why have the opposition parties not pointed out to the voters that Alex Salmond has been deceiving them for years? Is it because they are jockeying for position to be a member of a coalition and do not wish to create too many divisions beforehand?

William W. Scott

St Baldred’s Road

North Berwick