Is ex-SBC member at loggerheads with his party?

Last week former Scottish Borders Council member Kenneth Gunn bemoaned the fact the Ability Centre in Galashiels is to close and also that the community safety warden service is to be axed by the local authority in the face of budget constraints next year (letters, November 20).

The point he conveniently misses out is that councillors of the party he stood to represent in May’s elections, namely the SNP, are the same ones on the council’s ruling administration who are making these decisions he doesn’t agree with.

Couldn’t this signal that ex-councillor Gunn is now at loggerheads with his beloved party? Time will tell

I wonder if he would be publicly criticising council cutbacks if he had not been defeated at the polls in May, and would by now perhaps have had a portfolio as part of the same administration making the cuts?

Mr Gunn was recently reported in a sister Selkirk-based publication as having taken up the position of secretary with the local branch of the SNP – a political party that requires rank-and-file members to not dissent from the party line.

Susan Hill

Ettrickhaugh Road