Irresponsible council profligacy

As a Scottish Borders councillor, I was dismayed by the antics of the SNP-led administration when voting on the decision to bring the Great Tapestry of Scotland to Tweedbank.

There is no doubt that the administration councillors were whipped. Only two Hawick administration councillors had the courage to defy the whip.

These two Hawick worthies must have worked out that leader David Parker and his coterie need them more than they need Mr Parker.

If it had been a free vote on bringing the tapestry to Tweedbank, then it would never have seen the light of day.

My view is that a low-cost alternative could easily been found in Galashiels or Hawick. If that is not the case, then the whole project must be ditched.

There are never-ending demands on council budgets. It is galling to see this kind of irresponsible profligacy when there are so many demands on essential frontline services.

When we consider there were no alternative bids from other local authorities to house the tapestry, then we must wonder why it is so important to bring it to the Borders and to Tweedbank in particular.

Gavin Logan

(councillor for

Tweeddale East ward)