Irish setter puppies reunited in Galashiels for their first birthdays

It might not be quite 101 Dalmatians, but 11 Irish setters is a creditable collection of canines to gather together.

Wednesday, 6th June 2018, 11:46 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th June 2018, 11:51 am
Ten of the 11 reunited Irish setter puppies. Photo: Katielee Arrowsmith / SWNS.

Just over two-thirds of a 15-strong litter of puppies born in Galashiels a year ago have been reunited with their mother Poppy to mark their first birthdays.

Owner Lisa Wardle had planned to sell all of the pups but ended up keeping two, and her daughter Abi, 19, took another.

They’ve kept in touch with the owners of eight of the other dogs and held a reunion as a birthday celebration.

Two of the pups playing. Photo: Katielee Arrowsmith / SWNS.

Mum-of-three Lisa, 40, of St Andrews Street in Galashiels, said: “We didn’t intend to keep any, but we ended up with two.

“We kept Patch, the only one with a white flash on his head, and another boy called Negan, named after the Walking Dead character. Our daughter Abi took a girl pup called Letty.

“It didn’t work out quite how we planned, but I wouldn’t be without them. I would have kept all 15 if I had been allowed.

“We share pictures of them, their antics and what we have been up to with them.”

Owner Lisa Wardle and Poppy with her pups last year. Photo: Katielee Arrowsmith/SWNS.

Lisa’s family also includes husband Peter, 51, and sons Ben, 17, and Jack, eight.

As well as looking after their dogs, Lisa and Peter became grandparents after Abi gave birth to daughter Gabriella 10 months ago.

And their granddaughter is not the only new addition to the family since as they have also got themselves a short-haired grey and white cat called Milo.

Lisa, a carer, said: “The dogs are mad, daft and full of mischief, so the last year has been crazy.

The puppies just after they were born. Photo: Katielee Arrowsmith/SWNS.

“We just got Milo a few weeks ago. He’s nine months old, and surprisingly they all get along great together.

“We have always had cats and dogs, but when our last cat was killed last April, we said we wouldn’t get any more and instead we would just keep Patch and Negan, but ever since then, we have been plagued with mice so we decided we had to get another one.”

Lisa says Poppy, three, loves having her pups Patch and Negan with her at home.

She said: “For the first couple of weeks, she was very protective of Patch and Negan.

“I think because she had such a big litter she didn’t get the chance to play the mum role, so when it was whittled down to the two of them, she really became the mum.

“Letty is always happy when she is reunited with her Poppy. They just instantly know when they are all together and get so excited.

“The dogs are brilliant with Gabriella. She has grown up with Letty, and they have become best friends.”