Intolerant nationalism

I prefer to overlook the friendly ad hominem comments in paragraphs one-three and six of Stuart Bell’s April 19 response to my impersonal letter reminding folk of the perils of intolerant nationalism in TheSouthern on April 12.

However, the politically-opportunistic introduction of soft, novel, but undefined phrases such as “liberal nationalists” and “civic nationalism” intrigued me.

What do these mean, and how do these translate into, or equate with the intolerant, confrontational and inflammatory rantings and shenanigans of political bullies like Alex Salmond and his cronies?

The SNP is not a pick-and-mix party. It has but a single aim, with inescapable consequences – economic suicide, much higher taxes, isolation, costly intermittent energy and wall-to-wall wind turbines – all based on conveniently nostalgic misinterpretations of history. Indeed, the Utopian words and concepts espoused byMr Bell in paragraphs four and five of his letter are excellent descriptions of the long-standing national identity of mainland United Kingdom, forged over 400 years ago, long before America or France achieved peace and national unity.

Sorry, but the words “tolerance and mutual respect” do not spring to mind as hallmarks of the SNP. The United Kingdom remains the international gold standard for peaceful integration and a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, (sometimes overly) tolerant democracy.

I rest my case. Do not be fooled by any temporary chameleon-like tactics from the SNP on May 3 (or ever) – it’s like wrestling snakes in jelly.

Michael Wilson