Inspired by heroic words and deeds

I recently attended a briefing in Kelso to learn more about the work that Help for Heroes does in the Borders.

The charity performs fantastic work not only in our region, but throughout Scotland to help those who suffered life- changing injuries while serving our country. They support those who have been wounded in the line of fire, and make sure they achieve their full potential.

One of the speakers at the event was Lance Corporal JJ Chalmers, who was badly injured while serving in Afghanistan. He spoke tremendously well about not only his experience of being wounded, but also about the support he subsequently received from Help for Heroes.

It was great to hear such an inspiring individual speak so passionately about the charity, and after the event no one was left in any doubt about how vital the service they provide is.


Over the last few months of the referendum campaign, I have had countless people ask me about how a separate Scotland would work in practice.

From what currency we use to whether we would have control points on our border, there have been hundreds of questions about what would happen if we voted to split from the UK.

The SNP has so far failed to answer the vast majority of questions, but it was hoped that the White Paper it published recently would help provide more facts.

Unfortunately it proved to be a massive let-down, as it was simply full of the same assertion and bluster that we have already seen from the SNP. If it is to persuade people to break up one of the most successful unions in history, it will need to start providing hard evidence on what we stand to lose.


I was pleased to be able to drop in to Rowland’s Dry Bar in Selkirk last week to see some of the great work being done to help youngsters in the local community.

For years it has operated an alcohol and drug-free drop- in centre for young people in the area, providing them with a safe place to go. There are games consoles, pool tables and a computer suite, all for the use of the youngsters who go there. In addition to dance and music activities, it offers those who use it opportunities they might otherwise not have had.


It was great to get an opportunity to speak to the Borders Chamber of Commerce the other week.

As the upcoming referendum on separation is dominating the headlines, I thought I would speak to them about the impact it could have on our economy. Being part of the single UK market brings huge benefits to Scottish business, and if we were to leave this market we would be putting up barriers to trade that can obstruct economic growth.