Innerleithen 79-year-old fined £225 for careless driving on A72 near Peebles

Dirtpot Corner on the A72 near Peebles.
Dirtpot Corner on the A72 near Peebles.

A reckless overtaking manoeuvre ended a motorist’s unblemished driving record stretching back 60 years.

Retired accountant Hugh Hickman pleaded guilty to careless driving at Woodend Corner on the A72 Peebles-to-Innerleithen road on October 21.

The court heard that the 79-year-old, while overtaking, was met by a van coming in the opposite direction, forcing the motorist he was trying to get past to brake sharply to avoid a collision.

That incident was witnessed by police officers, and they caught up with him at nearby Dirtpot Corner.

Hickman, of Leithen Road, Innerleithen, was fined £225 and had his driving licence endorsed with six penalty points.