Innerleithen 26-year-old admits spitting in police officer’s face

The Borders General Hospital at Melrose.
The Borders General Hospital at Melrose.

Background reports have been ordered on an Innerleithen man involved in an altercation with the police.

Scott Ewart, 26, pleaded guilty at Selkirk Sheriff Court to a charge of threatening or abusive behaviour at his Millar Street home on May 28 and also at the Borders General Hospital at Melrose.

During a disturbance, he barricaded himself into a room in the house and ended up struggling violently with police constables.

Ewart remained disruptive at the hospital, striking the handcuffs he was wearing against the wall.

Ewart also admitted a second charge of assaulting a police constable by spitting in his face.

Sentence was deferred for the preparation of a criminal justice social work report until July 30.