Ingredients of Borders best-seller

Sheena Porteous
Sheena Porteous

SHEENA Porteous is hoping she has all the right ingredients for a successful fundraising cookbook, writes Gavin Gibbon.

With the first print of 200 copies sold out and 100 of the second batch spoken for, the recipes are providing plenty food for thought.

All proceeds from the book are going to Hawick Congregational Church’s Reaching Out project.

Sheena, who lives at Roadhead near Hawick and was brought up at East Redford Green Farm near Roberton, told us: “I’ve been cooking since I was a little girl – a farmer’s daughter – and these are all tried and tested recipes I’ve used over the years.”

Despite being partially sighted after suffering from E-coli poisoning 14 years ago, Sheena is renowned for producing delicious meals and her home baking is much sought after at various events in the Borders.

Recipes in the book include a wide selection of starters, soups, fish, meat and vegetarian dishes, desserts, cakes and sundries.

“They have all been adapted to suit my methods of working and to my taste,” she explained.

Reaching Out helps support people of all ages in Hawick and across the Borders, providing services for work with toddlers and their mums or grannies, games for older primary school children, soup lunches for all ages, table tennis for the young and not so young, art classes and coffee drop-ins.

Sheena’s husband, Jim, said: “It’s a very important project, trying to do things in the community, for the community.”

Copies of the book, priced £6, are available from the Tweeddale Press offices in Hawick, Selkirk and Kelso, and directly from Sheena on 01450 372153.