Incompetent bosses are rewarded

I was disappointed to read about the issues in the letter entitled “Standing up to the bullies at SBC” published in last week’s Southern.

This only provides more proof, if needed, that modern methods of management tend to rely on lies and bullying to achieve their goals. No surprise then when we look at the dismal state of our enterprises, both public and private, with the increasing low levels of loyalty, commitment, trust and interpersonal skills. It was also published on the BBC website on Sunday that head teachers have accused England’s chief inspector of schools of bullying tactics. Yet again force instead of mediation.

I left school at the age of 15 and went into an apprenticeship. I was taught, among many other things, to “dot the i’s and cross the t’s”. I was taught to look up to and respect my elders, to look to them for the skills and knowledge that would help me throughout my working life.

I remember my managers were, on the whole, people who had achieved their positions through study, hard work and skill, and demonstration of honesty and humility. Today, I can look back at those memories and say that, over the years, I was honoured to be associated with and respected my mentors, people who were committed, honourable and firm but fair in their treatment of their protégés.

After many years in senior positions within my industry south of the border, I went on to become a senior manager within a Borders-based facility and, unfortunately, over the last decade had to witness the degradation and deterioration of the company’s management skills and their appalling treatment of the workforce and customers.

I also witnessed incompetency at the highest levels being rewarded as the perpetrators lied and hid their mistakes, bullying their subordinates to cover their wrong doings and ineptitude.

The ability to “dot the i’s and cross the t’s” seems to have died off and been replaced by apportioning blame in every whichever way away from the perpetrator. I have seen blatant flaunting of the law, both commercial and employment, again accompanied by lies and bullying gestures to achieve the desired outcome and mask the perpetrators.

The safe, secure and honourable workplace our fathers and forefathers fought to provide us with is now severely threatened by the onset of greed, incompetency and the inability of some to recognise the truth, throughout all levels of government, commerce and industry.

What with the MPs’ expenses scam, the bankers’ mess, and numerous official mistakes and cover-ups, we have not exactly prepared a secure foundation for our children to build their futures on.

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