In praise of the CAB

I note in last week’s Southern a letter from Georgiana Dunne which states that I appeared, in an earlier edition of the paper, to be critical of the service offered by the Citizens’ Advice Bureaux.

I have only the highest praise for the service they provide and will always be most supportive of their work, as would be testified by those within the organisation who have had dealings with me.

The words referred to: the arrangement for “managing the delivery of service is very limited and does not lend itself to delivering improved and modernised services across the Scottish Borders” are not at all a criticism. In fact they are meant constructively in that I do not believe that it is sensible to fund such an important service through annual grants from Scottish Borders Council, which can vary from year to year in the light of budget pressures.

I support the idea of a three-year contract, with possibility for extension, which gives confidence and consistency in funding over a longer period.

Councillor Ron Smith

(SBC executive member for children and strategic services – which includes welfare benefits)