‘I don’t want to be the parent that has to scrape my child off the road’

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A Langlee mum has blasted parents who park on the pavement over double yellow lines across from the new primary school to drop off their kids.

Karen Walker raised her concerns at the Galashiels Community Council meeting last Wednesday evening over the safety of pedestrians at the narrow stretch of Langlee Drive – as people are having to walk into the road due to the cars, sometimes double-parked, obstructing their passage.

Karen, whose young daughter is due to start at the school in the future, said: “Every day I walk past the school, and it is the same cars doing the wrong thing, day in, day out.

“They are parked on a bend, often on the pavement, and they seem to think it’s ok.”

The problems with parking at school are not exclusive to Langlee, but with construction traffic still being heavy as the old school next door is demolished, it is somewhat exacerbated.

At the meeting, Martin Joyce, who is director of assets and infrastructure, promised: “I am very interested in what you are saying, and we do put a lot of thought into these things.

“Child safety is, of course, a key issue. I will see if the project team responsible for delivery of the new school and the demolishing of the old one to see if they can encourage parents to move along a bit further.”

And Councillor Sandy Aitchison said: “This is the same at every school in the Borders.

“I’m pretty sure that to some drivers, the jaggy yellow lines mean they must park their car there.

“If the police tell them to move, they will, but they will be back the next day.”

This morning the school, there were indeed drivers parked on the pavement, and we spoke to Karen, who was there walking her dogs with her daughter.

She told The Southern: “I just think it’s borne of ignorance and laziness, when people can’t be bothered to go a bot further to find a space.

“They are putting other kids in danger. I just saw one pupil fly across the road on his scooter without looking. It’s only a matter of time before someone is hurt.

“I have spoken to quite a few of the drivers and I have had nothing but verbal abuse from them.”

One lady said to me there was no concern about parking on double yellow lines, and that she needed to get her kids to school. I told her that was not an excuse and she should sit her theory test again and find out why the yellow lines are there.

“I don’t want to be the parent that has to scrape their child off the road because he or she has been hit by a car.”

We asked one of the drivers who parked on the pavement why he did so.

He told us: “I know it is wrong, but I’m only going to be 10 minutes dropping off my son.”

Another of the drivers, a woman dropping off her child, said she had been told by police that she could park on the double yellow lines.

On the Scottish Government’s webpage – The Blue Badge Scheme: Parking Concessions for People with Disabilities, it states: “Badge holders may usually park on single or double yellow lines in Scotland without any time limit.”

However, it goes on to say: “You must not park where it would be obstructive or cause a danger to others. The following are likely examples: at school entrances, bus stops, on a bend, or near the brow of a hill or hump bridge.”