Hug a tree for charity

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A LOCAL conservation charity is running Scotland’s first ‘Tree Hugging Week’ next week.

Borders Forest Trust (BFT) are asking people to raise money by hugging trees during the week from Monday to Sunday.

BFT’s communications officer Louisa Finch said: “We are asking local people to make a pledge to hug 50 trees – it could be 50 different trees or the same five trees hugged ten times – and then find some generous people to sponsor their efforts.

“This is a fun activity which we hope will help raise awareness of the importance of trees and which will help Borders Forest Trust to keep on looking after woodlands for people and wildlife.

“We have already had a number of schools, families and cub scouts sign up to take part and we’re hoping many more people will pledge to hug a tree for BFT.”

The trust hopes the tree hugging week will spread from the Borders and catch on nation-wide if not worldwide.

The week is being sponsored by TreeSurv Woodland Management and TreeSurv partner Paul Short said: “BFT is a bridge between the commercial side of woodland management and the community. We hope ‘hug a tree for BFT’ will help involve even more of the community with our unique local woodlands. Having young people involved and learning about these unique environments is the best way to make sure these woodlands are secure for everyone’s future.”

For more information, including guidelines, sponsorship forms and a poster see