How students can beat the stress test

Exams are possibly one of the most pressurising times of our lives – and nearly every teenager dreads the thought of them.

They are also one of the most challenging parts of school life as there is a lot at stake and many teenagers feel excessively pressured from schools, universities and sometimes families to gain the grades that are needed. It’s hard not to become worried and paranoid about the thought of the upcoming exams which can cause a lot of stress and tension.

The question many of us ask ourselves is how do we deal with this stress?

Although exams are important and require a lot of hard work, you shouldn’t feel that they are taking over your life, or that you have to spend every moment studying. You are still entitled to your free time and allowed to enjoy yourself – you just have to make sure that you do it responsibly and balance it with your exam preparation.

Tips for coping exams stress include:

Preparing yourself: By starting your revision early, you can give yourself more time to spread it out so therefore you’re less likely to become stressed. Also, organise your notes – this will help a lot with your revision.

Revising with friends: This is an effective way to revise because you can test your skills and knowledge by asking each other questions. You also have the opportunity to discuss anything you may not understand.

Exercising: This has been proven to be a good way to control your moods, limit the amount of stress and also help with any sleeping difficulties.

Eating Healthy and Drinking Plenty: By eating healthy regular meals and small snacks in between, it can really improve your mental performance and help with your concentration. Drinking plenty can also improve concentration, but avoid energy drinks as they can slow your heart rate and raise your blood pressure.

Taking Breaks: Don’t work for hours and hours – take short intervals for 30 minutes between studying and do something you enjoy, such as listening to music.

– Kim Turnbull

(Jedburgh Grammar School)