How can he be in two places at one time?

Readers will be intrigued by Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP John Lamont’s grandiose claim that if elected to Westminster in 2015, he’ll keep his job at Holyrood and give his taxpayer-funded MSP salary, presumably after tax, to charity.

I’ve heard of a paper candidate, but a paper MSP is quite another prospect.

Readers will be keen to know how Mr Lamont will manage to vote in Edinburgh on key issues affecting the Borders when he’s whipped into London duties at the same time. This raises genuine ethical questions about Mr Lamont’s conduct as a highly-paid public servant, including his shallow attempt to influence votes, and is a slap in the face for Borderers struggling to cope with the cost of living.

Perhaps Mr Lamont would do better to represent Borders charities properly in Holyrood, as people elected him to do, rather than throw questionable financial gestures their way as he gleefully jumps on the first-class express to Westminster.

Is this presumptuous and cynical statement a sign that Two-jobs John is trying to buy his way out of a tricky situation?

John Paton Day