Houses bid in Peebles ditched after opposition from neighbours

A bid to build new homes in Peebles on land previously earmarked for a children’s play area has been dropped.

Monday, 27th January 2020, 3:47 pm
Plans for two new homes in Ballantyne Place in Peebles have been ditched.

Rob Begg, of Edinburgh, submitted an application to Scottish Borders Council planners in October for two properties on land to the west of 8 Ballantyne Place, sparking opposition from existing residents.

Among the issues they raised was the fact the plot was designated as a play area when neighbouring properties were built a decade ago.

Fears were also expressed that the move could lead to more children playing in the street, increasing the chances of road accidents occurring.

Residents of Ballantyne Place submitted a joint letter of objection to the council, saying: “We object to this overdevelopment of our estate and living space.

“When most of us bought our houses, we were told the area now proposed would be a play area. What happened?”

Among the objectors was James Bell, of Ballantyne Place. He wrote: “Cars are being parked directly outside houses 1-8 Ballantyne Place. This is because, at times, there is no room for parking elsewhere, thus causing traffic congestion.

“Delivery lorries to Travis Perkins use Ballantyne Place as a turning point, causing further congestion and danger.

“It is impossible to see how the building of these houses can be carried out in complete safety given the space. Adding two more dwellings to this development will have an enormous negative impact on our lives.”

Allan MacKenzie, of George Street, added: “Young children walking through an industrial estate to go to school is insane, and the whole area has now become very contentious with parking, so please do not add to the misery of this badly-thought-through plan.

“It’s bad enough. Let’s not make it any worse.”