Hopes of stemming the flow are rising

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On behalf of the residents of Melrose and those drivers that use Dingleton/Chiefswood roads, may I thank TheSouthern for its balanced, impartial and timely feature published in last week’s edition.

The flooding of the road by water from the golf course has been taking place for at least the last 18 months during which time the problem has got steadily worse, as has the damage to the road and the consequent danger to drivers.

It was reassuring to read that the golf club president and Scottish Borders Council had already been aware of the dangers and had planned to address them.

The fact that the club started carrying out remedial work to stop the flooding on the day that the article was published will, I am sure, be welcomed by everyone. The public commitment by the council to resurface that part of the road before the end of March 2013, which was also published in the article, will satisfy many concerns and complaints made by Melrose residents.

Frank Sharp