Hope hearing aids plea is not falling on deaf ears

Hear to Help in the Borders
Hear to Help in the Borders

Hundreds of Borderers who rely on a charity for vital support with their hearing aids could be left struggling if no more funding is forthcoming.

The Hear to Help project is run by the charity, Action on Hearing Loss Scotland – the new name for the Royal National Institute for Deaf People.

Since 2009, Hear to Help in the Borders has run 278 drop-in sessions, supported 1,000 NHS hearing aid wearers, re-tubed 3,200 NHS hearing aids, and distributed approximately 9,000 packets of hearing aid batteries.

But funding finished last month and the money left will cover operating costs up until the end of June.

Action on Hearing Loss Scotland says if the project ceases, many people will face a long trip to the Borders General Hospital for basic hearing aid maintenance. And it says that, for some, such a journey might not even be possible, while those who did travel to the BGH would also increase pressure on the audiology department.

Project manager Lesley Stewart says, hopefully, the NHS and Scottish Borders Council will support the business case for additional funding.

“However, if the project ends ,it will cause serious problems for a great many people.

“A number of our clients in the Borders have already told us they would not be able to make the long journey to the BGH,” she said.