Homophobic bigotry unacceptable in 2011

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It seems from the Reverend Leslie Steele’s latest letter (August 11) that he only approves of sexual activity for the purpose of procreation, and is against any acts “practised outside of the male/female relationship”.

The problem for the reverend is that there is next to nothing that goes on between same-sex couples that cannot happen in a male/female relationship. If he is against a particular sex act, then he should be honest about it, and realise that the heterosexual majority will be the main participants in that particular act.

When the reverend criticises homosexual relationships while turning a blind eye to what goes on in male/female relationships he can rightly be described as homophobic.

Racism and sexism are not tolerated in our modern society. Nor should we accept homophobic bigotry from the Reverend Steele, his church or any other religious groups.

Alastair Lings

Tweed Road


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